My name is PhuongLe and I've been a full-time trader for going on 5 years now. I'm 26 and I am living in VIET NAM and the experience of living whilst trading in another country was fantastic. I'm sure it won't be too long until I'm enjoying another lifestyle in a different country when the times right.

 I had no aspirations of becoming a trader whatsoever whilst growing up. I was going down a more creative route of art and photography and thought my career path wouldn't change easily. But I took an accidental diversion when stumbling across Betfair while I was working at a bookmakers called Skybet. Saying that it's quite hard to look at trading on the sports exchanges as a career path. It has felt more like a progression of a hobby turned way of making some money rather than choosing the road of a trader. It's very much a lifestyle job that doesn't easily compare to working a typical 9-5 job. I dropped everything to fight for a dream of working for myself, and looking back the ride has not been without upsets and failures. Its how you come back from failure that determines someone’s future. Some of the most successful people in this world failed a hundred times before finally succeeding. It’s about programming your mind into taking losses/mistakes in the correct way by learning from them, and not to be scared of making them.

One of the reasons I’m still happily trading today because is its remarkable how much you learn about yourself. It's a journey that challenges you as a person in many different ways such as realising that it's a very much a daily battle with yourself rather than a battle against every other person in the market. It's sort of like an addictive game of self improvement and a true test of your wits and temperament. The emotional roller coaster you put yourself on daily, forces you to understand these areas of your brain. If you can’t realise what’s going on in your head to restrict you from making money, you will never truly learn to minimise the losses that are preventing you from making consistent profits. Everyday is an evolution of new skills needed to continually succeed in these ever demanding sports markets. Exploring different techniques/strategies and styles is essential to stay on top of your game and it has made me take nothing for granted.

The on-going learning continues...