Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ultimate guide to create a profitable trading stategy

Ultimate guide to create a profitable trading stategyOne of the most common mistakes new Forex traders do, is that they have no trading strategy. Because of the many appealing characteristics (24 hours, trade both short and long, leverage etc) most of the new traders entering the market are eager to prove themselves in an often egoistic approach. Egoistic in that they believe that they can become very profitable and make a fortune in the short term, but soon enough they end up with a bad psychology which at the end accelerates their loosing pattern. In fact, the most successful Forex traders are people recognized for their humility and discipline. These qualities are acquired trough experience and accepting some simple realities of the Forex market.

The first step towards becoming profitable in the Forex market is to devise a trading strategy/plan. Creating a trading strategy is of paramount importance and is actually very easy.

To create a successful trading strategy, traders should address the following considerations:

1. Reasoning of the trade: Why buy or sell? Which pair?

2. Timing of the trade: Why now? Before economic news releases or after? Day or night?

3. Trading objective: What is the take profit target? What is the stop loss?

4. Money management.

5. Documentation and analysis of the results.
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